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Located in Southern California, MGD CPA services high net worth individuals, and midsize to large businesses  with a presence in over 40 states. Our goal is to provide timely and accurate tax, accounting and consulting services by effectively utilizing the very best in technology to help make your life easier, and save you time and money.  

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Multi-State Taxation

Commerce has changed. Understanding your reporting requirements is imperative to the flow of your operations. Our team will guide you through compliance issues related to state nexus for income tax purposes, understanding the Commerce Clause's impact on nexus and income apportionment, and Federal legislative limits regarding a state's ability to tax an entities activities.  

Accounting & Bookkeeping

An essential part of your business and one that is commonly overlooked. Our team can handle all your accounting & bookkeeping needs on a frequency that works best for your business. Frequent and accurate accounting & bookkeeping aides in understanding your current financial health and determining the next steps of your business growth cycle.

Tax Planning, Preparation & Consulting

High level tax transactions, such as 1031 Exchanges, Microcaptive Insurance Transactions, Sale of Partnership Interest, etc., are now more common than ever. Understanding potential liabilities and concerns is imperative in tax planning. Many tax transactions are time sensitive, and with ample preparation and planning, you'll have significantly more options to manage your tax burden during preparation.

Partnerships & Multi-Member LLC's

Partnerships & Multi-Member LLC's offer the most strategic tax advantages and are best operated with a long-term perspective in mind. Subject to laws under Subchapter K, these entities must adhere to strict reporting and recordkeeping requirements, but they offer the most flexibility without the limitations of a corporate structure.

S Corporations & Professional Corporations

The most common corporate structure in the United States, S-Corporations offer competitive annual tax advantages unmatched by other entity types. In addition to managing the requirements to operate as an S-Corporation, we guide you through the process of understanding the advantages and limitations to operate as an S-Corporation.

Software & Efficiency Consulting

Efficiency and integration make financial reporting, compliance and tax return filing significantly easier - less wasted time and money. We are a technology first firm utilizing the best-in-class software to ensure all aspects of your tax realm are handled seamlessly, efficiently and without error. We provide software consulting and advice on optimizing your operations for purposes of inventory management, invoicing, managing accounts receivables and accounts payables, tax reporting, and more.

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MGD CPA has been servicing clients across the United States for over 30 years with a focus on midsize and large business with annual gross receipts of more than $1MM. During that time, we've adapted our service offerings to match the varying nature of modern day businesses. The role of a CPA has expanded beyond simple tax preparation. It has become about recognizing and understanding the everchanging landscape of tax law and compliance, providing constant communication & consultation, and helping taxpayers strategize for 10- or 20-years down the line. Our clients understand the importance of having a CPA on hand and available year-round who is proactively engaged in the background, so you're never left playing catch up.

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